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The Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Real Estate Development

Datum: 14. мај 2019. 09:00

Osnovni podaci:

Annual International Conference on Real Estate Development is central annual gathering place for all who participate in the projects of commercial real estate, commercial real estate market, but also in other industries that are related to real estate and construction in Croatia, the European Union, our Region and internationally. Participants of the annual international conference on the real estate market in Croatia are owners, CEOs, board members, directors and senior managers of companies that participate in the commercial real estate and commercial property development projects. Lawyers, architects, contractors, users of commercial real estate, consultants and many others are also participating on our Conferences.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are inviting you to the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Development! During our past fourteen Conferences, we have achieved the following:

  • 1000 speakers on
  • more than 260 panels with
  • more than 6000 participants
  • from more than 40 countries.

To our extreme satisfaction, the fourteen annual international conferences on the real estate development, which we have organized from 2005 until today, have justified the expectations of the patrons, partners, sponsors, speakers and participants of those Conferences.


As always, the speakers will include the most competent people from Croatia and abroad, who have made a name for themselves in this industry, based on their years of work and their professional success.

As it has become our tradition, we are very happy to professionally and systematically prepare this Conference for all our loyal and distinguished participants.


Conference is, among other, an excellent opportunity for promotion of your company.

According to the sponsorship fee and the type of promotion, there are following types of sponsors:

  • Main Sponsor
  • Golden Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
  • Bronze Sponsor
  • Sponsor.

We are inviting you to express your interest into sponsorship. We shall be more than glad to send you Conditions and Terms of Sponsorship, as well as to hold a meeting during which we can further discuss all sponsorship conditions.

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